Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Stronger + Deeper = Better.

We offer two types of foundation repair solutions.

  1. Helical Piers by Dynapier
  2. Concrete Piers to the bedrock

All foundation repair work comes with a LIFETIME Transferable WARRANTY

DynaPier’s® System

Vigorous independent lab testing has proven DynaPier’s® combination of steel and high-strength concrete clearly provide maximum shear strength and compressive resistance. The DynaPier® system is installed centrally beneath the footing – rather than on the outside of the footing – which transfers the structural load directly on top of the pier. This allows the DynaPier® to achieve the greatest depth while positioned to achieve maximum support. No other piering system can make these claims.

Each pier segment is driven hydraulically into the ground and connected segment-bysegment, repeating the process until the foundation pier hits bedrock or very dense strata of subsurface material. In addition to each pier being located centrally and directly beneath the foundation footing, the Superior repaired foundation ensures that:

  • All parts connect to form a strong monolithic pier.
  • All shims are contained within the pier.
  • All footings remain intact; Installation does not require removal or breaking of the footing.

The result is a foundation that far exceeds the home’s original structural integrity, making your foundation better than new!

Other Foundation Repair Systems Simply Cannot Compare to Superior.

Before & After Foundation Repair Pictures

Foundation Repair Contractor

Having foundation problems and searching for pier foundation systems? Look no further than DynaPier’s® system with Superior Foundation Services. Our name says it all, no other foundation repair can provide the same quality resolution to your foundation problems than DynaPier®.

The reality is that the expansive soils in Mississippi are tough on homes and many homeowners will have foundation problems at some point. The common signs for foundation problems, and what to look for to determine if foundation repair is needed include cracks in the walls, doors and windows that stick shut, and floors which are not level. You also may see bowing or buckling walls. These are signs that your home has experienced foundation settlement as a result of a change in water content in the soil. If you start to notice these issues in your home, it is important to have a Superior professional inspect your foundation to see if the DynaPier® system is a good fit for your home. An experienced foundation repair contractor will determine your foundation repair needs.

What Makes Foundation Repair Better Than Replacement?

Another consideration you may be making is whether it is better to repair or replace the foundation. The decision to repair vs replace the foundation often comes down to cost and minimizing the disruption to daily life. Foundation repair rather than replacement solves both these issues, as it is less time consuming and most cost effective to repair a foundation. A full foundation replacement results in a huge disturbance to daily life, as it requires the foundation to be excavated, exposed, all items around the foundation to be removed, and the house to be jacked up on supports while the foundation is removed and replaced. Foundation replacement is time-consuming and cost prohibitive. On the other hand, foundation repairs require minimal invasion to the home and to your bank account! In the repair scenario, an expert foundation contractor will assess the damage and determine a foundation repair strategy which takes into account the reason for the original damage in order to resolve the issue and protect against further foundation damage. Thus, foundation repairs can guard against a host of potential future problems by: protecting a foundation against soil expansion and contraction, fortifying the structural integrity of a foundation, realigning a foundation, and strengthening the leveling and lifting systems of a foundation.

Benefits of DynaPier® Systems Foundation Repair

Once you’ve made the decision to go with foundation repair, you may be searching for pier foundation systems. You may be wondering what the pros and cons are of foundation repair with DynaPier® systems versus other repair solutions. You also may be questioning what is a concrete pier?  If so, look no further than DynaPier® systems with Superior Foundation Services. DynaPier® is a unique system and it differs greatly from other concrete pier foundations for homes. The benefits to DynaPier® is the design of interlocking, segments comprised of high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a powder coated steel sleeve which resists corrosion. Furthermore, DynaPiers® provide superior shear strength and compressive resistance compared to other pier systems. Part of the strength of the DynaPier® segments is that they are made of 2 7/8″ diameter 8 gauge tubing and pre-cast with a 9,000 psi concrete mix. Segments that have cured for 28 days can withstand compressed loads in excess of 75 a tons. This ensures that your foundation repair will be long-lasting and resist the foundation problems your home has experienced in the past.

Professionals Prefer Superior’s Dynapier® System.

“We may never be able to quantify a load limit for this pier because it is concentrically loaded, uses short segments, and has concrete filled tubes, greatly reducing the potential for buckling or bending failure.”

- Don Carter is an experienced and highly respected consulting engineer specializing in foundation design and performance.