Foundation Repair Madison, MS

Are you in need of a foundation repair contractor in Madison, MS? If your foundation is showing signs of damage and you need a free foundation evaluation, you’ve come to the right place! Superior Foundation Repair serves the Madison, Mississippi area for all foundation repair needs. If you suspect that your foundation is damaged due to poor soil conditions, improper drainage, plumbing leaks, climate, or insufficient construction, call us. Superior will provide you will a free consultation where we will examine the signs of damage and inspect your foundation carefully. Once we have ascertained the likely cause of your foundation damage, we consult with you to outline structural solutions and the plan to repair your foundation in order to prevent further damage to your home. Not sure if we’re the ones for the task? Check out foundation repair reviews for Madison, MS and determine that Superior is the best local foundation repair company for the job. 

Warning Signs of a Damaged Foundation in Madison, Mississippi

The warning signs of a damaged foundation in Ridgeland, Madison, Brandon, Clinton, and surrounding areas include several possibilities:

  • Cracks: cracks can appear in several areas, all indicating foundation damage. These cracks may show up in the floor, walls, or sheetrock. They may also be visible in corners, the foundation itself, around doors, windows, or fascia. 
  • Misalignment: walls, windows, and doors may show evidence of foundation damage with sagging, bowing, gaps, or sticking when closing or opening, and no longer being correctly aligned. Sloping or uneven floors are also a warning sign. Chimneys which are tilting or cracked may also be an indicator of foundation damage. 

These problems in the foundation usually occur from common issues involving climate, soil, transpiration, moisture accumulation, poor drainage, and faulty construction. Soil in Mississippi often is altered due to moisture changes, causing the soil to shrink or expand. This makes the ground sink or lift which destabilizes the foundation of a home. Evaporation and transpiration add to unstable moisture conditions. If there are plumbing leaks, faulty drains, or inferior ground preparation during building, then the foundation troubles are compounded. All these issues will have to be addressed in order to be stopped, leaving them alone will not fix the problem and if left, these foundation problems in Madison, MS can lead to severe ramifications for the structural integrity of your home. 

DIY Foundation Repair

Considering a DIY foundation repair? Mississippi foundation repair can be difficult and time consuming when you’re inexperienced, due to the ever changing soil and climate conditions and the vast array of causes for the damage. With the use of expert foundation repair contractors in MS, your repair job will be unobtrusive and completed in a timely manner. You will most likely not even have to leave your home while the repair work is being done. Save yourself backbreaking labor and valuable time by letting us do the work for you! Superior has extensive foundation repair experience in the local Madison area and we are known as the Mississippi foundation repair specialists. So call Superior today and talk to the the leading foundation repair contractors in Mississippi for your every foundation need.