New Construction Foundation Piers

Announcing the newest innovation in foundations…  Helical piers installed into the footings of a brand new slab.

Where else can you get a warranty on a new foundation?!

Foundation Piers Jackson, MS

If you are experiencing foundation problems, there are several repair options available—foundation piers being one of the most economical. For reliable and efficient service, you won’t find a better contractor in Jackson than Superior Foundation Services. We provide tailored solutions that work with the expansive soil prevalent in the region. 

Superior Foundation Services is a leading provider of foundation piers in the Jackson area. We install foundation piers directly beneath the footer of your house. Using a hydraulic pump, we drive each segment of the pier into the ground under your foundation until it reaches the bedrock. 

This method is the most durable and reliable form of stabilizing a building.

Benefits of Pier Foundation

Foundation piers are a popular foundation repair solution in areas with poor soil conditions. Jackson, Mississippi is built on Yazoo clay, a weak foundation material that reacts to moisture and fluctuates in volume. When it comes to installing pier foundations, however, this is advantageous for several reasons:

  • Pier foundation is easy to install and requires fewer materials and less labor. The materials needed are also readily available. 
  • It is a cost-effective and time-efficient option that doesn’t require a lot of concrete and extensive excavation. 
  • This foundation repair technique doesn’t cause a lot of disruption to the soil structure. A shovel is enough for excavation, and this will cause negligible disturbance to the surrounding plant roots and soil organisms. 
  • Foundation piers are available in a wide variety of designs. Foundation repair contractors can use various materials to enhance the aesthetic look of your home without affecting your budget. 
  • A pier foundation lifts your home above the ground, preventing structural damage by floods. Additionally, a pier foundation makes it easier for workers to get under the space between your house and the land to fix electrical and plumbing issues, thanks to an increased amount of crawlspace. 

Is Piering Right for Your Home?

If you would like to find out whether foundation piering is an appropriate solution for your home in Jackson MS, contact Superior Foundation Services today. 

Foundation Piers Installation Process

In the Jackson area, foundation piering is a widespread technique, since it is uniquely designed for the expansive soils common to the region. Let’s explore the piers installation process for foundation repair more in-depth: 

  • Drilling the hole – The installation process begins with digging a 2-foot square hole with a shovel. The hole is typically 4-5 feet below the ground level and extends beneath the grade beam. 
  • Cylinders installation – After digging the hole and exposing the grade beam, the next step is to place a pre-fabricated concreted cylinder at the hole’s bottom, directly under the grade beam. Following this step is the placement of a hydraulic ram between the top of the cylinder and the grade beam’s bottom.

    The hydraulic ram will help press the cylinder into the ground. Additional cylinders are added and pressed to the point of refusal. Namely, more force is needed to press the piers deeper than is necessary to elevate the house. 
  • Fitting a concrete cap – Once the cylinders are pressed to the point of refusal, they are fitted with a concrete cap, in addition to more cylinders. Afterward, the house is raised using bottle jacks as close to its initial position as possible. The process of which is done while minimizing unnecessary damage to the structure.

    After the house is successfully raised, the gap between the piering and the grade beam is filled using steel shims or concrete blocks.

Contact Superior Foundation Services in Jackson, MS

If you feel your house might be having foundation issues, call Superior Foundation Services today. We are a premier foundation piers installation expert in the Jackson area and can provide you with a comprehensive and efficient solution. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Helical Piers

Superior Foundation Services is proud to bring you the latest and greatest in foundation installation and repair! Helical piers and piles are an innovative method of increasing foundation security and longevity. Helical piers systems are effective when installed directly into the footings of a brand new slab and the benefits of helical piers for foundation repairs are numerous. Superior keeps you, our valued customer, at the forefront of all our services and to that end, we offer helical pier installation on new foundations or on foundations in need of renovation. This keeps costs low and work time short so you can get on with your life quickly! Curious about this amazing product? Superior would love to tell you more…

How do Helical Piers Work?

Helical piers are unique and effective because they thread into the ground using a hydraulic system. This means no large ground excavation for your foundation installation or repair! Helical piers and piles are also referred to as foundation screwpiles or anchors, aptly named for their attributes. Helical piles are so effective because they are driven into the soil at evenly spaced intervals until the predetermined load capacity is achieved. Helical pile foundation design reinforces the foundation and spreads the weight load.

New Helical Pilings

Most effective in challenging soil where traditional foundation services are difficult, helical piers enable minimal installation time and very little soil disturbance. For unstable soils like those often found in Mississippi, helical piers are the way to go for all your foundation needs! 

Helical Pier Foundation Repair

Foundation repair with helical piers is key, because long exposure to moisture renders the foundation damaged. Once that occurs, the structural damage becomes visible and destabilizes the foundation. Repair it all with one simple fix: helical piles

Types of Helical Piers

Helical piers are threaded into the soil and secured using helices (plates can be added to increase weight-bearing capacity). There are two types of helical pier shafts: round and square. Round shaft helical piers are beneficial for handling compression (and resulting twisting and deflection) and maintaining lateral stability. Square shaft helical piers are utilized where tension forces are at play. Thus, the main use of helical piles is to provide foundational weight support. Both types can be inserted vertically, horizontally or at an angle, depending on need.

Benefits of Using Helical Piers

Fast Installation

Helical piers can be installed quickly because there is no concrete to wait for and no major ground excavation or heavy equipment. The pier can be drilled easily and the pile can be loaded immediately, regardless of the weather. This means helical piles installation is much faster than traditional foundations. 

Home & Environmentally Friendly

Helical pile installation uses only a small site where piers are vertically screwed into the earth. Plus, no heavy equipment travels through your neighborhood or yard. The impact on your home, yard, and the surrounding landscape is minimal. 


For the same reasons that helical pile foundation installation or renovation is fast, helical pile prices are also much more affordable! The lack of heavy equipment and the efficient installation (no backfill and less cleanup) cut down on equipment and labor costs. Helical pier cost per foot is much less than that of traditional foundations.

Get A Helical Pier System Today!

What does this mean for you? You’ll have very little ground disturbance, short work time, and less cost! Pretty great, right? Superior Foundation Services provides the best helical piers contractors near you! Our experience and expertise in the field of foundation installation and repairs are yours with a simple call or click. Contact us today!