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Standing water problems? Mississippi’s Yazoo clay often causes problem for drainage around homes in the Jackson, Madison, Brandon & Flowood area.

Superior Foundation Services offers complete french drain solutions.

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After it rains, is there standing water in your yard? Does it take forever to drain? Maybe, water pools in your house after a rainstorm?

If you experience any of these issues or any other drainage problem in your Jackson, MS home, you may need a French drain—but what is a French drain?

French drains, also referred to as perimeter drains or rubble drains, are trenches filled up with rock or gravel containing a perforated pipe. This pipe redirects surface water or groundwater away from your home’s foundation. 

Superior Foundation Services is a frontrunner in French drain solutions in Jackson, Mississippi. We provide a wide range of French drain services, including:

  • French drain installation
  • French drain sump pumps
  • Water drainage solutions
  • Yard drainage solutions

If you’re facing any drainage problems in your home, contact Superior Foundation Services today. 

Benefits of French Drains

French drains are a popular drainage solution in Jackson, MS, thanks to numerous benefits that are associated with them, including:

Efficient Moisture Drainage

A significant advantage of French drains is their ability to take away water/moisture from your foundation. There are both interior and exterior French drain systems, so you can choose where you want the water to go. You may direct the water to a sump pump, the septic tank, or any other destination. 

Whatever your choice, it will avert any potential water damage to your foundation and ensure your basement stays dry. 


French drain systems are exceptionally affordable compared to other drainage systems. Superior Foundation Services offers some of the most competitively priced French drain solutions in Jackson. We stand out from our competitors in both pricing and quality of service.

Easy to Install

French drain installation is not a complicated process. It can be accomplished rather quickly. You can expect the installation to take a couple of days up to a little more than a week. The exact duration will depend on the size of your French drain system. 


The world is currently striving to go green. Investing in a French drain is a significant contribution to this cause. French drains are typically built using eco-friendly materials, which not only promote environmental conversation but are also gentle of your wallet. 

How to Know If You Need French Drain

Drainage issues should be resolved early enough to avoid further problems. Here are some common signs to look out for to determine if a French drain would be an ideal solution for you. 

  • Basement stains – If you notice water stains on your foundation or in the basement, it could be a sign of water escaping from any of the drains in your house. You should call a professional as soon as possible. Our professionals can identify the location of the leak quickly and provide a viable solution. 
  • There’s water in the crawlspace – You should be worried if you find water in your crawl space. Water can not only damage your property, but it also promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can compromise your indoor air quality and result in other detrimental effects, like compromising your home’s structural integrity. It can also lead to pest problems.

    Installing an interior French drain or a deep French drain around your home’s exterior is among the most effective solution for a flooding crawlspace. Our French drain experts will advise you on the best option depending on your needs. 
  • Gutter flooding – If you notice that gutters are beginning to back up with water, it could be an indication of insufficient drainage at the downspout bottom. Flooding gutters can be harmful to your roof. It can also lead to flooding on your property. This problem can be solved effectively by investing in a French drain.
  • Retaining wall construction – If you are building a retaining wall on a slope or hillside, it is essential to install a French drain behind the first course of the wall. This will help prevent water from pooling at the bottom or flowing toward your home. 

Contact the Best French Drain Contractor in Jackson, MS

If you live in the Jackson area and you are having drainage problems in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Superior Foundation Services. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years, so we have the expertise and experience to install a French drain that will stand the test of time. 

Call us today. Our experienced and certified French drain specialists will examine your property and help you design a French drain that suits your specific needs.