French Drain Brandon, MS

If you live in the Brandon, Mississippi area and have pooling water in your yard which is impossible to drain after rain, or if your yard takes days to dry out, you most likely have a problem with drainage. Not only is this excess water annoying and can impede your yard usability, it can also damage the foundation and/or basement of your home. The best solution for drainage problems in Brandon, MS, is the installation of a French drain. Superior Foundation Services is known to be amongst the highest level of local French drain installers, making us the place to call! We offer a free consultation where we examine your drainage issues and develop a customized drainage plan to prevent any further damage to your yard and home. Superior Foundation is your Brandon, MS outdoor solutions service! We’ll make your yard usable again and protect your home through effective French draining techniques. 

French  Drain Design

Why choose a french drain? The French drain design is so effective in combating drainage issues because it works by gravity, with a trench sloping down and away from the area to be drained. In order to prevent dirt or plant roots from clogging the system, the drain is usually lined with clay piping and surrounded with a landscape textile. After the textile, the trench is covered in gravel, with the pipe placed on top of the gravel. Then the drain pipe is covered with gravel and layered with more landscaping textile. Lastly, the trench is refilled with the original soil. Fairly simple and extremely effective! 

Considering a DIY French drain installation? Sure, french drain installation youtube could be an option but while this may seem like a cost-efficient and simple fix, there are several factors to consider. We at Superior Foundation Services have extensive experience and know exactly what to look for when planning your French drain solution. Let us worry about all the elements that go into French drain installation in Brandon, MS, for you, freeing your time up for other more enjoyable activities! The French drain pipe installation is crucial to the success of the drainage system. We always check the underground safety of the area in which the drain is to be installed. Zoning, construction, and runoff regulations from the city and neighborhood must be taken into consideration. Working with the city can sometimes be a painstaking process, whereas we already have the necessary contacts and knowledge of what is allowed, making this step much quicker. Another factor is neighbors, as you want to make sure the drain does not empty into their yard or create a hardship for them, causing a potential lawsuit for you. 

Taking all the above-mentioned factors into consideration, it may be the best option to have a professional Brandon, MS French drain installer do the work for you. Call Superior Foundation today and take the hassle and stress out of your Brandon, Mississippi drainage problems! We are your best local Brandon professionals for drainage solutions.