Slab Foundation Repair

Cement piers & DynaPier solutions that fit your budget and fix your foundation permanently.

Conventional Foundation Repair

Our industry leading knowledge allows us to repair your foundation issues and its impacts to your home’s framing and masonry.

Soil Stabilization

Coming Soon! Our revolutionary clay soil stabilizer is specifically designed to lock in the soil under your home.

Drainage Solutions

Got drainage problems negatively impacting your foundation? We have a solution! Get rid of that standing/slowly draining water in your yard, once and for all.

New Foundation Piers

Future proof your foundation & home. Helical foundation piers guarantee a solid footing in Mississippi’s moving clay, and are driven deep to ensure maximum stability for your foundation.

Post-Tension Cable

New construction in Mississippi requires the latest technology to handle the stresses related to Yazoo clay.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“They just do an incredible job... when buyers look through and see the house has had foundation work, and they see that Superior Foundation did they work, they know they can trust that it was done right” - Keith Kinkade

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Being a contractor in the Jackson Metro area, I see foundation problems everywhere. My personal home was built in 1968, before they had the technology that Superior Foundation has, and I knew to call them when I knew it was time to repair my foundation.”-Chris Bond

What Our Customers Are Saying

“When I planned to move from an older home with foundation issues to a new build, I asked Superior to design a helical pier system for my new foundation. They stand behind their product and service, and now I’ll never have to call another foundation repair company.” -Chris Bond

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Out of everyone that I could recommend for foundation repair work, Superior is always going to do the right thing for my clients. My reputation matters to me, so that’s why I rely on them to get the job done right.” - Walt Bowie

Our Foundation Solutions Are Second to None