For a failing slab, there are only two Superior approved methods for repair: 

Steel Piers by DynaPier®

  Industrial Concrete Piers

Helical Piers by DynaPier

Concrete Piers to the Bedrock

Steel Piers by DynaPier®

What is DynaPier®?

DynaPier is a foundation repair system that uses a hydraulic pump, concrete, and steel piers to permanently lift and level your foundation.

DynaPiers are used directly underneath the foundation of a building for added support, and are driven deep into the ground to secure your foundation for years to come.

Why would Superior recommend DynaPier®?

Three key factors set DynaPier apart from competitors:

1. Depth
DynaPier® goes deeper into the ground than other systems.
This is important due to the fact that the deeper the piers can go into the ground, the more stable they will be in supporting the foundation and preventing future problems.


2. Patented Pier Cap
One of the most common fail-points after foundation repairs occurs due to movement at the pier cap and the shims (the top section connecting the pier to the foundation).

DynaPier’s® patented pier cap locks the pieces into place, which keeps the piers and foundation securely pressed against one another. This prevents any movement along the pier (see diagram on right).


3. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
DynaPier® has an unlimited lifetime warranty. Period. If there is a failure in the DynaPier® system, we will repair the issue for no cost to you. And this warranty is for the address (not just the customer), so if a homeowner sells their house, the warranty will transfer to the new owner.

helical pier diagram

Superior has partnered with DynaPier® to permanently secure your foundation

Watch this video to learn more about how DynaPier® works:

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DynaPier® is a unique system comprised of steel and concrete components, which elevates it to a premium foundation repair option. The benefits to DynaPier® is the design of interlocking segments comprised of high-strength concrete, which is pre-cast in a corrosion resistant, powder coated steel sleeve. DynaPiers® provide superior shear strength and compressive resistance compared to other pier systems. Part of the strength of the DynaPier® segments is that they are made of 2 7/8″ diameter 8 gauge tubing and pre-cast with a dense concrete mix, which is how each pier can withstand compressive loads in excess of 75 tons. This product truly is best in class, and selecting it will ensure that your foundation repair will be long-lasting. 

Interested in permanently fixing your foundation?

Concrete Piers

What is a Concrete Pier?

Concrete piers are a foundation repair system that uses a combination of a hydraulic pump and preformed concrete pillars to lift and level your foundation.

Concrete piers use a similar installation process to DynaPier® and can also be used directly underneath the foundation. They are a great value for the compressive strength they offer, supporting your foundation and home for years to come.

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Key Differences – Concrete Pier vs. DynaPier®

concrete piers

Concrete Pier



– Concrete piers can be a less expensive option than DynaPier®, but…

– Concrete piers may not be able to go as deep into the ground as DynaPier®

– Concrete piers are just that – concrete only – and do not have a steel encasing to provide additional shear strength.

– Concrete piers do not use DynaPier’s® patented pier cap that prevents movement between the foundation and the piers

With concrete piers, we provide a standard, lifetime warranty for all of our work. A highlight of our workmanship warranty is for the address – not just the customer – so if a homeowner sells their house, the workmanship warranty will transfer to the new owner.

While there are a few differences, concrete piers offer a superb solution to foundation problems, and installation of concrete piers can offer a more cost-efficient method compared to DynaPier®.

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