Foundation Repair

Cement piers & DynaPier solutions that fit your budget and fix your foundation permanently.

Water Management

Drainage issues in your yard
can lead to foundation issues
for your home.

Soil Stabilization

Our revolutionary clay soil stabilizer
is specifically designed to lock in
the soil under your home.

Post Tension Cables

New construction in Mississippi requires the latest technology to withstand the stresses of Yazoo clay.

Helical Pier

Pre-construction helical piers guarantee a solid footing for your home foundation

Setting The Standard

With Superior Products,
Workmanship and Results.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“They just do an incredible job... when buyers look through and see the house has had foundation work, and they see that Superior Foundation did they work, they know they can trust that it was done right” - Keith Kinkade

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Being a contractor in the Jackson Metro area, I see foundation problems everywhere. My personal home was built in 1968, before they had the technology that Superior Foundation has, and I knew to call them when I knew it was time to repair my foundation.”-Chris Bond

What Our Customers Are Saying

“When I planned to move from an older home with foundation issues to a new build, I asked Superior to design a helical pier system for my new foundation. They stand behind their product and service, and now I’ll never have to call another foundation repair company.” -Chris Bond

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Out of everyone that I could recommend for foundation repair work, Superior is always going to do the right thing for my clients. My reputation matters to me, so that’s why I rely on them to get the job done right.” - Walt Bowie

Contractor Trusted.
Engineer Approved.

Contractors and engineers trust us to do the job right. So you can too. Our track record proves that we provide the best quality products available to keep your home’s foundation solid for years to come.

Request a

There’s no need to be anxious about foundation repair. We come to your home, find the root cause of your foundation issue, and take the time to explain how to best solve your problem. All for free!


Make the Right Call

Whether you’re already seeing signs of foundation damage, or you’re concerned about future damage, the first step to addressing these issues is a phone call to us. We’ll schedule a free consultation and quickly come out to inspect your home’s foundation.


Get a Free Estimate

We come to your home, find the root cause of your foundation issue, and take the time to explain how to best solve your problem. This could either be a direct foundation repair, water remediation around your home, or a combination of both. Either way, you’ll know exactly what we’ll do and WHY it’s important to protect your home.


Superior Goes to Work

Once you select our team to do the work and repair your home, you can rest assured that we’ll fix your problem the right way, the first time around. We truly do set the standard with our products, workmanship, and results.


Problem Solved

At the end of the project, we will do a walk-through where we’ll explain our progress to you, and you can ask any questions you may have. We’ll clean up the jobsite and it will be as if Superior (and your foundation woes) were never there.


Your Home Restored

Foundation repair doesn’t have to be scary or stressful.. we’ll be here years from now to ensure that your home’s foundation remains rock solid. Give us a call today to experience how we can help you with your water management and foundation repair issues.

Our Foundation Solutions Are Second to None